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“Don’t go to church. Be the church!”

On a Sunday in the fall, a growing number of congregations cancel their morning worship services and launch out to be Jesus’ hands and feet in countless community projects. What started in 2010 with Woodside Church in Yardley is mushrooming into a movement of congregations.

The movement engages all ages in projects that bless local communities. In a single day, they stock pantries, deliver books to inner-city-school libraries, clean up the environment, lead worship for people in recovery, make meals for the homebound, build shelters for the homeless, sew dresses for Haiti, and so much more. Pastor Doug says, “The church is a sleeping giant. On this day you literally see it wake up and get to work!” In the evening Christians from different denominations gather together for worship in various places. It truly is a taste of heaven.

The day is really the culmination of 40 days of prayer, Bible reading, sermons, and small-group Bible studies. As we read about Jesus loving the lost and healing the hurting, momentum builds toward the day when we go out and follow in his steps.

Our theme was “Love the World: The Church Has Left the Building.” Based on John 3:16, our outreach this year will focus on the way Jesus loved individuals in the Gospel of John. All the resources posted on this site – sermon themes, Bible studies, promotional materials, worship suggestions, and mission ideas - are free for you to use and customize to fit your context. Let’s go out and love the world in Jesus’ Name! Watch a recap of 2014.

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