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Week 1: Head for Deep Water

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Prayer: In your own words, ask God to help you let go and follow where He leads.

Control and fear often keep us where it is safe and superficial. They stop us from stepping out in faith.  It is safe here on shore. How do we know it will be OK?  Yet to go deeper with God, to have more of Christ in us, we have to trust and let go. 

Read: Luke 5: 1-11

Watch: “The Decision”

Click the Link oor Watch the Video Below


  1. Share with your group a decision which became a turning point in your life. What did you give up? What did you gain?

  1. Why is Peter reluctant when Jesus says, “Put out into deep water”? How do you feel on the verge of a new venture?


  1. Peter prefers to stay near the shore. What “dock” are you clinging to? Why? What do you need to release to dive deeper? To gain more of Christ?


  1. In the face of great success, Peter confesses his failures and begs Jesus to go away. How do you feel about having a closer, deeper relationship with Jesus? What excites you about it? What scares you?


  1. At the end of the story, Jesus gives Peter and his friends a mission. They leave everything and follow Him. Describe a time when you stepped out in faith. What happened? How did God respond? How did it change you?



 How do you feel about letting go and letting God? How often do you do this?

Share current situations where you feel God is urging you to step out in faith. What’s getting in the way?  How can you overcome those fears/objections?

Share with your group one step of faith you want to work on this week; Describe one action step you can take this week to help you go deeper with Jesus. Ask one person in the group to hold you accountable to this step.

 Prayer: As you pray, picture yourself physically letting go and diving in. Praise God for the freedom to give up control and trust Him.

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