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Week 3: Get into God's Rhythm

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Week 2 Follow-Up: Were you able to identify and give up one idol/thing keeping you from God? What can you celebrate? What obstacles or challenges are you facing? What are you learning?

 Prayer: Ask God to help you slow down and live a more balanced life as He intended.

Someone has said, “We worship our work, work at our play and play at our worship.” This is why we often feel exhausted, fragmented and stressed. We are not living the balanced rhythm God intended for us from the beginning of creation.

 Read: Luke 6:1-16

 Watch: “Interruptions”



  1. How do you feel right now? Well rested? Tired?  How does the world suggest we fix tiredness?


  1. Read Exodus 20: 8-11.Why did God create the Sabbath? Why does Jesus’ disagree with the Pharisees’ view of the Sabbath in Luke 6?


  1. According to Jesus, what role does the Sabbath play in our lives today?


  1. Our society no longer observes the Sabbath. What have we lost? What are some ways you can reclaim the Sabbath in your life? What are the costs and benefits?


  1. What do you do before a big decision? Be honest – not what you should do, but what you DO do. Ask others for advice? Google ideas? In the end of the Luke 6 passage, what did Jesus do before he chose his twelve disciples?


  1. How much time do you spend with God each day? How are you aware of God’s presence? Read Matthew 11:28 -30. What does God offer us? How does this passage make you feel?



Do you run your day or does your day run you?  Do you find time with God interrupted?  Time with your family?  Rest?  How can you better manage those interruptions?


How can you learn to embrace God’s rhythm for your life?  How can you incorporate Sabbath as a regular part of your life?


What stops you from going to God in prayer?  How can you make prayer part of your decision process?


Commit to making one change to help you experience more rest/peace/awareness of God. Share it with another and ask them to help you with this.


Prayer: Ask God to reveal what gets in the way of His natural rhythm for your life. Praise Him that you can ALWAYS go to him in prayer.  Thank Him for the gift of Sabbath rest.

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