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Week 4: Open Up

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Week 3 Follow-Up:  Were you able to make one change and experience more of God’s rest and rhythm in your life? Do you feel more aware of God? What can you celebrate? What obstacles or challenges are you facing? What are you learning?


Prayer: Ask God to open your mind, heart and spirit to what He is telling you.


While in prayer, Ananias hears Jesus’ voice and he is not overjoyed. The Lord tells Ananias to visit the man who came to capture and perhaps kill him. Ananias talks back to God. When you open up to God you never know what He will tell you to do.


Read: Acts 9:10-19

Watch: "The River"



  1. Describe a task you dreaded or avoided? Why were you reluctant? Did you eventually do it? What happened?


  1. Ananias clearly heard God’s voice. In what ways do you hear God’s voice or receive direction from God?


  1. We talked about spending time with God last week – are you creating the space to let God speak?


  1. Ananias was understandably afraid of Saul. When you feel a nudge or hear a call from God, what keeps you from responding? How can you counteract that?


  1. Scales fell from Saul’s eyes after Ananias prayed for him. What may be preventing you from seeing what God is calling you to do?


  1. Ananias’ small yet brave step changed the world through the ministry of Saul/Paul. In what ways can your obedience to God’s call change the world and change you?



Think back over your life, your prayers, your wrestling with God. What do you hear/see God saying?  Any consistent themes?


What is God nudging/asking you to do?  Think hard.  It may be a quiet nudge, a still small voice, a sign or circumstance. Commit to stepping out in one specific way. Take the plunge and ACT on God’s direction.


Commit to taking ONE step to better know/hear God. Ask someone to hold you accountable.


Prayer: Thank God for loving us, talking with us and using us with all our faults and flaws.  Ask him for guidance and power to do His will.


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