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Week 6: “Clear the Air”


Week 5 Follow-Up:  What step do you take to live a life of gratitude and generosity? How did you feel? What can you celebrate? What challenges are you facing? What are you learning?

Prayer: Ask God to help you be honest with Him and to remove whatever gets in the way of your relationship with Him.

 All of us have something to hide. Maybe we are ashamed of past deeds. Maybe we are currently tangled in secret hurts or habits. Instead of stepping into the light and clearing the air, we hide these sins, weaknesses and regrets until they become barriers which prevent us from going deeper with God.

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Read: Psalm 32

Watch: “The Horse”


  1. As a child, did you ever do something wrong and try to keep it hidden? What happened? How was the situation resolved?


  1. David begins with the blessings of forgiveness (v. 1-2). How do you feel when a confrontation you dread is forgiven and reconciled or a heavy debt is wiped away?


  1. What are David’s physical reactions while he carries the burden of hidden, unconfessed sin (v. 3-5)? How do you feel when hiding something from someone? How does hidden sin affect your relationship with God?


  1. David says when he clears the air with God the Lord becomes his hiding place and protection from the rising flood (v. 6-7). What does it mean for God to be your hiding place? In what ways do you feel up to your neck or in over your head now? How can God help you?


  1. God promises to instruct, teach, counsel and watch over you (v. 8). The principle way He does this is through prayer, Scripture and others. What are some practical ways you can receive these instructions?


  1. God advises us not to act like a stubborn mule or horse. (v. 9-10) In spite of all we know about God’s unfailing love and the freedom of forgiveness, what fears still prevent you from clearing the air?


  1. With a heart free from the burden of hidden guilt, David sings for joy (v. 11). In what ways can you make more room for God’s joy in your life?



What are you holding on to or hiding that you want to release to God? If you feel comfortable sharing this with a person in your group, go ahead. If it is too personal to share with someone in your group, commit to sharing it with someone else or, at least, praying, giving it up to God, and asking for His help this week.  Ask someone to hold you accountable to whatever step you decide.


Prayer: Thank God for His unending forgiveness, unfailing protection, and unconditional love.



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