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Week 9: “Pass the Peace”


Week 8 Follow-Up:  What step do you take to live IN the world but not OF the world? How did you feel? What can you celebrate? What challenges are you facing? What are you learning?

Prayer: Praise God for His gift of peace. Ask Him to fill you with His peace during your study.

During His three year ministry Jesus trained and prepared His followers for the day when He would send them on a worldwide mission. In today’s passage He sends out 72 disciples to prepare the way for His arrival. He warns them there will be opposition. He also tells them to look for “people of peace” who will help them spread the Good News.

Download the Study Guide as a PDF

Read: Luke 10:1-24


Watch: “Casseroles”



  1. Share a time when someone gave you great comfort. What did they say? How did they help you?


  1. Before He sends out the 72, Jesus gives them good news (the harvest is plentiful) and bad news (you are like lambs among wolves). What motivates you to share the Good News about Jesus and what prevents you?


  1. Jesus tells them to travel light and to depend on the kindness of strangers (v. 4-8). How does this approach make you feel? Why did Jesus choose this method to share the Good News of God’s peace?


  1. Jesus speak a great deal about eating in this passage. How might you use meals to build relationships and open opportunities to invite people to follow Jesus?


  1. Jesus tells them to heal the sick and tell them the Kingdom of God is near (v. 9). What are some practical ways can you bring healing and the hope of the Kingdom to others?


  1. Much of this chapter describes opposition that even Jesus faced (v. 10-16). How can you continue to bless others even when they refuse or even reject your kindness?


  1. Jesus describes power which God gives to overcome the power of the enemy (v. 17-20). How can you receive more of this power in your life? How does God want you to use His power?



What is a step you can take this week to bless someone who is not a follower of Jesus with God’s peace?  Ask someone to hold you accountable to whatever step you decide.


Prayer: Praise the Father for revealing His Son to you and giving you the mission to share His blessings and peace with all people.


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