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Week 3: Don't Serve Evil, Spread Good

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Pray: In your own words, ask God to show you how to see and stop evil and how to spread good.

Evil. It never takes vacation. It never sleeps. It’s all around us. It’s overwhelming. It’s impossible to stop. That’s what we think. And thinking this way can tempt us into giving up and giving in. We stand on the sidelines. We keep silent. We hope someone else will do something. But what will you do when God says that someone is you?

Read: Esther 4:1-17

Watch: “Silence” 


  1. Share with your group a time when you witnessed a person in need or a wrong committed and you did not act. What prevented you from doing something then? How do you feel looking back on it now? Would you change what you did? 
  1. Haman plots to annihilate the Jews throughout the Persian Empire. Queen Esther, who is Jewish, tells her uncle Mordecai she is forbidden by law to approach the king. The penalty is death. What are some reasons we give for not getting involved? 
  1. Mordecai reminds Esther that staying silent and playing it safe will not keep her safe from the genocide. In what ways does our inaction put us and those we love in danger? How does our silence encourage evil to flourish? 
  1. Mordecai tells Esther, “And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?” Do you feel God puts people in situations for a specific purpose? Has this happened to you? 
  1. Paul writes, “Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone.” (Romans 12:9, 17). In practical terms, what does it mean to “hate evil” and “cling to good”? How do you determine if something is evil or good? What does it mean to you to do right in the eyes of everyone – even those who want to cause evil?



Has God called you for such a time as this? Do you think He put you in a place where you can make a difference? 

Share with your group one step of faith that will help you think different this week. Ask one person to hold you accountable to this step. Examples: 

  1. Identify a problem in our world which has started to bother you. What can you do to learn more about it and get involved?
  2. Is there someone you did not help or even hurt in the past with whom you need to make amends? What can you do to take the first step?
  3. What is one act you can do this week to release good into your world? Can you start a chain-reaction of good?
  4. Create an action item of your own.


Pray: As you pray, ask Jesus to help you halt a specific kind of evil and share His love and goodness.

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