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Week 9: Don't Succumb, Overcome

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Pray: Go around the group and ask God to give you the wisdom and courage to make a difference for Him. 

Fight or Flight. Those seem to be our only options when it comes to evil. Unfortunately running away allows evil to run rampant. On the other hand, waging war can make us act just like our attackers. The Bible offers a third option: Faith. It’s having the eyes to see, the ears to hear and the hands to do what God is doing in our world. 

Read: Genesis 50:15-21

Watch: “The Stand”


  1. How do you react to a seemingly immovable obstacle in your way? Turn around? Go a different way? Try to get over or around it? Call in help? Knock it down? 
  1. Joseph’s own brothers sold him into slavery. This was just the beginning of more unjust and painful episodes. Yet he used these experiences to rise from the pit to the pinnacle of power. What are some of the different ways you deal with frustrating, hurtful or uncontrollable situations? 
  1. As prime minister to Pharaoh, Joseph employed the gifts and wisdom God gave him to ensure the Egyptians, the people who mistreated him, would not starve. How can you use your God-given gifts to overcome bad situations with good? 
  1. The brothers’ last scheme was to trick Joseph into forgiving them. He freely forgave them and helped them see how God used their harmful deed to save many lives. How do you react when someone asks you to forgive? How often do you recognize God working in a situation? What might help you see His hand more? 
  1. Paul writes, “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” (Romans 12:21). What factors might cause one to be overcome with evil? Have you ever seen or done something to overcome evil with good? 


When his brothers throw themselves at Joseph’s feet and beg his forgiveness, he replies, “Don’t be afraid. Am I in the place of God?” (Genesis 50:19). He acknowledges judgment belongs to God. Is there someone you need to forgive just as God has forgiven you?


Share with your group one step of faith that will help you make a difference this week. Ask one person to hold you accountable to this step. Examples: 

  1. Reach out and attempt to reconcile with someone you wronged or someone who wronged you.
  2. Identify a desperate need in your area which God keeps bringing to mind. What is one step you can take to address it? What group can you join which is seeking to solve it?
  3. Pray each day for God to open your eyes so you can see where He is working and join Him there.
  4. Create an action step of your own.


Pray: As you pray, ask Jesus to help you not succumb but overcome evil with good.

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