Sunday Worship:

9 AM, 10:30 AM, 6 PM
1667 Edgewood Road, Yardley, PA

Church Office: 215.493.4145

Preschool Office: 215.493.5009


If you're new to Woodside you probably have plenty of questions. Here are the ones we hear most frequently:

1. What types of worship services do you offer?

We offer 4 distinct Sunday services. Each has its own personality. All of them feature scripture, prayer, music and the same message based on scripture. Communion is served on the first Sunday of the month. 

Celebration Services at 9:00 and 10:30 a.m. Held in the Vineyard, our worship center, this informal service is led by our praise band X-Changed. The 10:30 service features a live band and a message filmed at the 9 a.m. service.

Classic Service at 10:30 a.m. This traditional service, held in the sanctuary, features our organist, choir, brass quartet, bells and a classic order of worship.

Higher Ground at 6:00 p.m. is a café-style worship. It features contemporary Christian music in a relaxed, interactive environment. It's led by youth but welcomes all ages. 

2. Do I need to be a member to attend worship, participate in a growth group or join a mission?

We invite you to participate in all our ministries without being a member. We are delighted to have you worship, grow and serve alongside us.

3. What should I wear?

Anything you want. Some dress up, others are more casual. Dress how you feel comfortable.

4. What should I expect at a Sunday service? 

Don’t worry, we don’t single out visitors or guests. If you have a question, just ask someone at the Welcome Center right inside the main entrance, or one of our helpful greeters. Before or after the service, enjoy a cup of coffee and a snack in our café, and maybe meet some new friends.

We serve communion on the first Sunday of every month. At Woodside we invite all baptized believers from all Christian churches to participate in the Lord's Supper.

5. What about my kids?

Nursery Care is provided during all morning worship services; for infants and  toddlers/walkers up to age 31/2  in the Nursery.

Discovery Kingdom is our 9 a.m. kids program. School of the Rock is our 10:30 a.m. kids program. 

During the summer months kids participate in KWAM.

For information about any of our kids' programs  email childrensministry@woodside-church.org 

 Baptism: Woodside loves to welcome children into God’s family through baptism. We view it as a partnership. During the baptism ceremony the parents and the congregation promise to teach the child to love and follow Jesus. This partnership is so essential for the spiritual growth of the child that we ask parents to first commit to becoming part of the Woodside community. After taking the Putting Down Roots Class and joining Woodside, the family can contact the church office (215-493-4145) and select a service on a specific Sunday for the baptism. Our pastor will visit with you the week before that Sunday to go over the details of the baptism ceremony. Presbyterians view the whole church as the godparent but it’s fine if you wish to select godparents for your child. We encourage you to invite them to the service and have them stand with you.

Confirmation: At baptism, parents promise to raise their child to love and follow Jesus. Confirmation is the time when that young person confirms the promise made by the parents, publically declares belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and takes responsibility for loving and following Him in the future. Woodside invites students to join Confirmation class in the fall of ninth grade. It's a 12 week course.

During the rest of the week, check out:

Adventure Club, a mid-week youth program for preschoolers through 5th grade. 

Junior High Youth Group for youth in 6th to 8th grades. This active and energetic group meets on Wednesday evenings, 6 - 8 p.m. and Sundays at 4:00 p.m. for Bible study, games and fellowship. 

Senior High Youth Group for teens in 9th to 12th grades. 
The senior high group meets on Thursdays at 5:30 for basketball,band practice, dinner and Bible study, and on Sundays after Higher Ground for fun and fell

If you have questions about Woodside's youth ministries, contact Eric Watts: eric@woodside-church.org

6. How do I get involved? 

There are lots of ways to serve at Woodside. Click here to check out all the ways Woodside is at work in the community and around the world. Click here to connect with a ministry or mission. Click here to learn more about Growth Groups.

7. How do I become a member of Woodside?

Learn how Woodside can help you follow Jesus and receive spiritual strength. By attending the Putting Down Roots class you can take the step and join the Woodside community. Classes are offered about every 6 weeks throughout the year. Email Karen Houser at  karen@woodside-church.org  for more information.

8. I’m considering having my Wedding at Woodside. How do I set this up?

A good marriage begins on the foundation of Jesus Christ (Matthew 7:24-25). As a husband and a wife each grow closer to Jesus, they also grow closer to one another. For this reason, we feel it is crucial for a couple to receive the love, support and encouragement of a church family that will help them grow closer to the Lord. That’s why we ask couples to first commit to being part of the Woodside community. After taking the Putting Down Roots Class and joining Woodside, the bride and groom can select the day for the wedding by calling the church office (215-493-4145). The pastor performing the wedding will contact you directly.

9. Can I meet the pastor?

Absolutely! Pastor Doug loves to visit with anyone exploring their faith. If you’d like to set up a meeting call the church office, 215-493-4145 or email Pastor Doug directly.

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