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From Pastor Doug,

We all love to share stories. When there is good news – babies, homeruns, graduations, engagements, new jobs – we can’t wait to tell everyone. Jesus is the ultimate Storyteller. The Bible calls Him “The Author of Life” (Acts 3:15). When we give our lives to Him, He writes for us a life story that never ends. Jesus even gave His life so we can have eternal life. This is the greatest love story ever told. This is God’s Story.

Woodside exists for this purpose: to share God’s love Story with as many people as possible. Since we opened our new building in 2009, we’ve seen Jesus write countless life-changing stories. If these walls could talk they would tell about VBS and Adventure Club kids, Junior and Senior High students, homeless, hungry and addicted neighbors, Growth Group members, worshipers in Yardley and Middletown whose lives have been transformed forever by God’s Good News. What’s more, a tenth of your offerings go beyond these walls to fund homeless and prison ministries, water systems in Haiti and Mozambique, Habitat for Humanity and Family Promise. In countless ways you use this building to Share God’s Story with others.

Yet a great barrier still stands in our way. The $500,000 remaining on the building’s mortgage prevents us from doing more. So far we have paid $718,300 in interest that could have been invested in sharing the Story with more children, youth and adults. The great challenge before us in the Share the Story growth campaign is to eliminate the mortgage so we can share His Story farther and wider.

Great challenges require great sacrifice from each of us. This is too large for only a few to carry. While we can’t all give the same amount, we can all give sacrificially. For some, a sacrificial gift over three years may be $2,000. For others, it is closer to $200,000. Please pray and ask the Lord to guide you about what to give for the next three-years over and above your regular giving to Woodside. Involve your entire family in this important decision.

What will you share so that we can Share the Story with more people?

Pastor Doug

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